Monday, August 12, 2013

Don't call me ...

Great piece this morning by Bob McIntosh at Things Career Related, highlighting some important reasons why introverts frequently choose to write rather than respond to others verbally.  Email is your friend at work because it works better for your introverted nature.

The reasons for writing that I see (and experience) most often are that it’s less exhausting and it offers time to think. It also provides the ability to go back and revise after a bit of reflection, something that anyone – introvert or extrovert – can benefit by.  How many times have you hit Send and then had regrets?  Probably a few, but I'll bet that there have been even more times when you said something you later regretted. Writing allows an introvert vital  time to reflect.

Writing also helps to clarify your thinking so you can tighten up both the logic and the way it’s expressed. This is something that I believe introverts learn intuitively, giving you an advantage over your more hasty colleagues!

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