Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Introvert's Trade-off

Have you ever had to make the career choice between meaningful work or making money? One of my favorite themes is about finding meaning because meaning is a source of motivation. If we resonate with a purpose, it's like a carrot in front of our nose - leading us to achieve great things that are aligned with our deepest selves. So, paying attention to what matters - matters!

Despite its (often great) difficulty to implement, this message is much like the one I have for quiet professionals who may be introverts or just shy people. That is, don't accept the dilemma of either surmounting a false front by pretending to be outgoing to achieve career success or retiring to a dark corner where the best achievements are elusive. Instead, learn how to take charge and, from that position of strength, just try being yourself - deliberately and quietly in control.

A lot of the time, personal meaning is created by simply taking on the false trade-off itself.
  Making the Choice Between Money and Meaning

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